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Water From The Dip Tray Of Your Water Dispenser

Dengue fever has been an issue here in the Philippines, every rainy season, which is from June to March many mostly kids are victimized with this disease. And some of them died because of the effect that Dengue fever brought. The carrier of Dengue Fever as we all know is mosquitoes. So we have to make sure that our home or the surrounding of our house is mosquito free.

I have a friend who told me about his friend, his friend had a child before that was caught by dengue fever. The kid died because of unexpected infections due to dengue fever. They found out later where the kid got bitten by mosquito, it is just inside the house. They have this water dispenser at home and most often they forgot to clean or take the water out from the drip tray. Mosquitoes usually stayed in stagnant water and the parents didn’t know that the dip tray already had mosquito eggs there. It was too late when they found out that even their child was only inside the house, she was not safe at all.

Thus, we have to make sure to check the dip tray of our water dispenser if we have it at home. Make sure to take the water out every day so the mosquitoes could not lay their eggs there.

 photo 4777d767-58aa-4f23-9a76-c5dc80e24620_zps7fcab06c.jpg

The one I encircled is the drip tray

 photo IMG_0168_zps64fa27dd.jpg

The dip tray

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