Once A Week

I was able to hire someone to wash our laundry once a week, and not only she does the laundry she also clean the whole house. I hired her to be a stay in helper but after two days she told me her husband asked her to go back home. They only lived here in Davao maybe a two hour Jeepney drive, I hired her before to take good care of my kids while I’m away to work but since she declined to being a stay-in helper, I wasn’t able to work. I just submitted my requirements and that’s it. I got worried with my kids at home without anyone to be with them. Mj also have to be on training and she will get home late at night and it made me think that maybe I have to make a decision. I wanted to work to help also some of our expenses but how can I work when you are thinking of your kids back at home, how can I be effective employee when you don’t have the drive to reach your goal.

So I just tole my helper if she can be here once a week to do our laundry and she said yes, at least this time I won’t do my laundry anymore and our house is clean at least once a week.

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