Setting Prices for Your Customers

Working as an HVAC technician or installation experts lets you help your clients and customers enjoy keeping their homes comfortable. Whether you just started your own service company, or you have years of experience in the field, you might find that have some troubles determining how much to charge your clients. There are two easy and simple ways to price jobs for those customers.

One Job at a Time

HVAC technicians relied on a traditional pricing structure for years, and you can too. Instead of charging a flat rate for all jobs, you give clients estimates based on the work that you need to do. You’ll generally charge more for the installation of an HVAC system in a home that requires new vents and components than you would charge for a simple repair. While this is the popular way of determining costs, you do have other choices.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing lets you examine all the potential issues you might come across on the job and decide how much to charge your clients. With flat rate menu pricing, you can let your clients know upfront how much the job will cost. You receive a book that contains hundreds of pages on different types of products and projects and how much each one will cost. You can also find menu pricing books designed for electrical work, plumbing and selling HVAC and similar products. With flat rate pricing, you’re only minutes away from giving your customers a quote.

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