Under The Christmas Tree

My friend was the one suggested that I have to start buying some gifts for the teachers of Faith if I plan to give them this Holiday season. She is also the one suggested that when you give some gifts, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but they can use it. When we went to S&R, we spotted this shower gel, it was buy one take one. For that I already have someone in mind. We also went to SM recently and we found cups that are only less than 100, I bought two those two cups will be for her teachers, one cup and I am done. For Faith’s adviser would be something different I don’t know yet what to give her all I know is something different. And since their Christmas Party is on December 19th yet, I put the gifts under the Christmas tree to add some decorations for our humble Christmas tree. Faith is very happy to see some gifts under our not so fancy Christmas tree.

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