General Cleaning And Changing The Curtain

Yesterday, after Mj and Faith and I went home from Kumon, we found Mariel mapping the floor but before we went out this morning and yet until in the afternoon she is not done. The bedroom was not fixed; I was pissed off because I was sure she got up so late again. Mj and I helped her; I was the one changing the curtain. I realized it is not too late to put our Christmas curtain. Yeah, I felt lazy all a sudden putting up our Christmas curtain last few weeks, maybe I got disappointed because my task of buying more Christmas ball did not realize due to no funds.

Mj was the one who arranged all the stuffs in the TV and in our cabinet. She fixed all the clutters including in the third room, she arranged the shoes in the shoe rack too. Mariel on the other hand continued mapping the floor and later washing the dishes she also arranged the clutter in the computer. So even though I was pissed off, I was still thankful that she was late doing her task as we were able to have a general cleaning yesterday. Now my mind and upon looking every corner of the house made me at peace and clear.

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