The Package Has Arrived

I was busy listening calls here last Sunday when suddenly I received a message saying that the package of my sister Lilian from Singapore has arrived. I called my niece right away and told her to buy me some credits on my phone so I can text them back.

After an hour of waiting finally they were here, there are many different stuffs inside the box. But what I like from the package was the set of glasses, cute design cups, and some plates. I also love the home decorations that she sent us; she sent a nice cute picture frame. We also received magnet things for the refrigerator, lovely home display and some Christmas decoration.

The most I was thankful for is that my sister sent us 1 kilo of detergent powder, body soap, body shower, baby bath soap, some toothpaste, shampoos and conditioner. Hahaha! I will not gonna buy this anymore in the grocery store as I have so many on stocks. Thank GOD!

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