Christmas Decorations Removed

This month is so hectic. Our team just agreed to have a late Christmas party and then a week after that the whole team had a training in Tagum. I don’t have time to be at home and have a general cleaning or removing the Christmas decorations or keep the Christmas tree inside the box. Last Saturday while I was preparing for dinner, I saw Mj just watching TV so I asked her if she could remove the Christmas decorations and she did it right away. Thank GOD at least she does not have tantrums on that day, she was just chill of taking all the decorations off from the Christmas tree, it took her two hours to finally figure out what to do with the branches to fit inside the box. Oh well I hope it was all right because I haven’t check it yet. Good luck to me on December I am sure I will have a hard time to figure out which branch is on the first, second, third level. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is easy to identify the branches.

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