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In The Comfort Of Our Home

The moment I woke up this morning, I felt my head is very heavy and felt very cold too because of the rain. I took a medicine for the headache and went back to bed. It was late in the morning when I woke up again. I thought my niece already gone for school but I found her in my mini office watching a movie. She said that she decided not to go to school because of the rain. I also decided not to send in Faith too. After I chatted my husband for a while, I saw the message of my friends telling me to be online in SKYPE for the testing of the video call.

Yes we will be having training tomorrow at 11 in the evening. I will be working at night here already the only difference is that I will be working in the comfort of our home. The schedule will be hectic once I will start because after I log out from I have to send Faith to school. I hope I can still drive. I will just sleep after I will send her to her school; I will make sure to go back at home to sleep for 3 hours maybe. I will just make up with my sleep on Tuesday and Thursday, because Monday and Wednesday after I fetched Faith I will have to prepare for dinner to send them to the pool.

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