What the Skin Needs

People think that they need expensive cleansers, masks and creams to have amazingly beautiful skin; however, the best thing to do for the skin is actually the simplest. The skin responds well to natural substances and things that help assist with natural skin processes. For instance, drinking an adequate amount of water can help with collagen-production. This helps keep the skin plump in two ways: by keeping the cells filled with water and by filling the underlying skin with collagen.

The truth about sebum is that it is beneficial to the skin. A combination of perspiration and sebum can help the skin achieve a pH balance of 5.5, which is beneficial to the skin. However, too much sebum can be bad if it is allowed to become clogged in the pores. The issue with skin cleansers that completely remove oil from the skin is twofold: 1) they remove all of the surface oil, which leaves the skin susceptible to bacteria and other contaminants; and 2) they do not effectively remove comedones and cause a greater amount of oil to form in the pore because the skin is trying to compensate for the skin’s dryness. A beneficial cleanser must not over-dry the skin’s surface to allow for healthy skin and it must effectively remove excess oil from within the pores.

Saunas are excellent at removing impurities from the skin. Steam helps pores to extract comedones, and it increases blood circulation as well. It’s important to replace steam sauana accessories as soon as they’re needed. Opt for the simplest methods of skin care. If the skin is in need of greater care, opt for extras.

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