Benefits of Bed Rails

Some seniors aren’t able to get out of bed without help. If you care for someone who is a senior citizen, whether it’s a parent or a patient you work with on a job, bed rails for seniors can help in getting someone in and out of bed safely. The rails an be placed on almost any kind of bed, and you can usually find rails of all shapes and sizes depending on how much help is needed. Some of the rails slide under the edge of the bed so that they can be removed and transported, and there are some that attach to the bed with a few bolts so that they don’t move.

The rails can help maintain the safety of the senior while in bed because they will provide a barrier from falling off the side. When the person wants to sit up or move from the bed, the rail can help give support to stand up instead of relying on someone else to help. If you do need to assist the person, you can use the rails for supporting the back so that you aren’t lifting and moving with all of your weight. The rails can give seniors a sense of independence if they know that there is still something they can do on their own.

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