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So Hot, It’s Summer!

When the temperature hits 37 degree celcius, believe me you are not the only who want to stay in the shady cool place, your dog too! We have a dog and most of the times we let her inside the house, because it was so really hot outside. And a dog lover we are, we can’t take one day seeing our dog  having a hard time outside.

Once their body temperature rise up, they regulate it by panting, they can perspire through their noses and paws. So to stay in a cool shady spot, an elevated bed can be a solution. A cage that is lifted off from the ground so that that air can flow and a canopy as well provides shade from the sun rays.

What we need are:

PVC pipe


Coupling for the frames and covered it with all weather fabric.

Or if this could be so complicated for you, just buy a kennel that has stand to elevate it off from the ground. I am sure your furry friend could be more than so happy.

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