The Best Cat Care

When you think about a kennel for pets, you probably think about dogs being in a place where they receive the care that they need while you are away from home. There are some facilities with luxury cat boarding to make the furry friends in you life feel comfortable until you take them home.

The cats will often have a separate living area than the dogs so that they aren’t disturbed or feel threatened. Some of the facilities offer daycare, but most of them are for care for one night or a few nights depending on how long you plan to be away. Luxury facilities often have penthouses for cats that include several amenities. These include a place to play, napping areas and windows so that the cats can see what takes place with other cats. The animals will receive the best bedding possible while they are there. Meals with only the best food are served twice a day. Treats are also given to the cats. Some of the locations offer individual toys for the cats as well as bottles of mineral water that are given through the day. A bedtime story is also offered at some of the luxury inns for cats.

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