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Reloan To Pay The Remaining Amount

Even though we already paid the assume cost of this house yet we still have to pay the interest, which is increasing every month. It supposed to be only P50, 000 but since we were not able to meet the deadline it went up. I wanted to pay it but since our funds is not enough I have to accept then than it went bigger now.

Just recently I went to the lending company that I applied for loan last year. I asked if I could at least re-loan again but they said I can make a reload on August yet. It is already June next month so 2 months to go then I could re-loan again.

I have talked to the owner about it but they need the money by next month at least a little bit of it. I have money that would come from my online earning. So instead of using it for the enrollment of my niece I might be using it to pay them. I have to look again for another means on how to enroll my niece in the next school year. As what my team mates said lavaaaaan lang. So I will fight and will never give up.

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