Why a Tub Built For Two Is a Smart Buy

Movies and magazines make the art of fitting two adults in a whirlpool bathtub for a romantic liaison look simple. This is not always the case. The shape of the tub is usually oval or round, but the difficulty does not always lie in fitting two average size bodies in the tub. Unless the people are extremely tall or have heavy body builds, they can usually fit one behind the other without incident. Unfortunately, many tub buyers fall outside of the range that is considered average. They would be better served by a two person tub. Here are more reasons why the double body design concept works better for many people.

Dual Purpose, Single Tub
When people share a bath, they do not often get to indulge in the relaxation rituals they might perform when they are alone. Tilting the head back on the rim of the tub, for example, might be a challenge for both people to do at the same time. The two-body tub has a body mold for each person and makes the head tilting possible. Couples can enjoy bonding time while squeezing in some time for themselves.

Save Money and Space
These tubs are not as large as traditional hot tubs and can fit into smaller spaces. If you decide to place it somewhere other than the master bathroom, you will not be limited in choosing a location. They also cost less than traditional hot tubs, which also means they are less expensive to clean.

People who live in climates that almost guarantee water restrictions during summer seasons will really appreciate the fact that the dual body tub is a good way to practice water conservation. Water is recycled in the tub while it is in use, and it eliminates the need for two people to take two separate baths or showers.

It is possible for people to achieve the luxury of a whirlpool bath without sacrificing too much space or investing too much money. Choosing a tub for two is a happy compromise for both living space and the average budget. It is a luxury more people can afford.

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