It Takes A Visionary To Make Dreams Come True

I thought I could not pay the previous owner anymore, I thought I could not gather a certain amount to pay for him. I thought I will be forever buried with debt to him but you know I was able to get it over with. I was able to gather this certain amount to pay to him. Until now, I still don’t know how I did it but I think when you thought that there is no way at all, GOD will always make a way.

During that time, my goal is to pay it in full to him. And because of some help that I got from friends, I was able to make it. Thank you LORD for everything.  I am still trying hard to budget my money but with the thought that my house is safe already, it really got a big chunk of whatever my trial is now. I mean problems are still there, I think it is already part of our lives. But I know I am strong enough to do everything and I will never give up.

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