Patriotic Decor and Activities for Spring and Summer Holidays

Corn Hole
Corn Hole is a traditional game played during family reunions and holiday parties. It is a fun multiplayer game, involving boards and bean bags. The boards have holes in them, and the object is to score the most points by getting the bean bags into the holes. This simple game can be manipulated to accommodate any family friendly event. Boards and bags can be bought in patriotic colors and themes, perfect for holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, or Veteran’s Day.

Flag Decor
Table clothes, disposable plates, cups, and banners can all be purchased to celebrate the Americana spirit. A real American flag and a permanent flag pole would grace the property year round, making it an ideal investment as well. What’s better than having a delicious burger or hot dog with a side of freedom fries on a patriotic plate on a hot Independence Day afternoon?

Water Sports and Games
There’s nothing quite as fun as water sports and games on a hot afternoon. IT is also a great way for children to burn excess energy safely. If no pool is available, friends and family can participate in water balloon fights, slip and slides, water gun battles, play sprinklers, and much more. High summer temperatures don’t have to cause guests to hide out indoors with the air conditioning; instead, keep them cool with some old fashioned water games.

Sparklers and Fireworks
No patriotic holiday is complete without a beautiful fireworks display; or at the least, a fun sparkler session between adults and children alike. Most people look forward to sitting together on a hot, summer afternoon, watching the fireworks light up the night sky among the stars.

Bonfires and S’mores
Once the fireworks are over, family and friends could enjoy a fun bonfire with some music in the background, roasting delicious marshmallows for S’mores. Should a guest be musically inclined, he or she could play some beautiful acoustic music that everyone could sing along to. These moments are perfect for bonding with friends and family members who aren’t often seen.

Patriotic summer holidays are meant to bring families and friends together, in an effort to slow down time and rejoin a simpler way of life for a fleeting moment. Having the right activities and decor ensures that the classic Americana spirit will be alive and well for each and every patriotic holiday.

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