We’re Having Plants At Home

Even though I keep on planning to buy some plants to be displayed on our yard, I always have no time for it especially now that I am working. Wow! Who would have thought that I will stay long in the company while I thought that I will only last for 6 months? I mean, now that I lasted a little longer in this company unlike before if ever I would resigned or be terminated, which I know I won’t be. I have this plan to still work perhaps in another company. I have this passion already to get back in track in which I was used to before. On the other hand, enough of that I will be posting more of this topic on my other blog.

And so we have plants at home. My sister is up to putting more plants in the yard now that she’s here for good. We were thinking to buy plants in the nearby shop that sells different kinds of flowers but I just can’t get enough time or sometimes oh yeah frequently I would forget or don’t have budget at all. Yeah, she got these plants from my other sister; they are giving away some plants because they don’t have enough spots for them anymore. They have to get rid some plants since the printing machine that they purchased for their business just delivered to them already.  And it acquires more and big space and they have to give up their precious plants. Of course we have this wide open arms to embrace them, I mean my sister. She was too busy the other day putting them in the right place. Now I can see more colors in the yard.

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