We Need One Bathroom

I guess my husband is right, we need one more bathroom.

It happens to us many times that you are in the middle of something, doing the number 4. Someone will knock on the door because they had to pee or will do the number 4 too. What if it is your only change to get it all out and you will be disturbed because someone would like to use it too. Do you experience those kinds of scenario?

On the other hand, since I am still in a tight budget in paying our loan. I just have to set that aside but I am sure when I am fully paid with that loan. I can do more already at home. Not to mention that I need to put another bedroom for my eldest daughter too. Geez so many plans yet I can’t move forward because we need more budget for it but good thing the floor is done. Thank GOD! At least this year I have accomplished one thing for this house.

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