I Offer This House To My Kids

When I was still in High school, I always dream to own a house. I and my friend will go to some village to look for a house design and stuffs. When I have my own house, I see to it that it was put under my name. I said to myself this will be my gift to my kids. But I turn the house over to my sister and transferred to a rented house because I thought at that time, my husband will going to get us. Everything was just not in their proper place but I have to move forward. My kids are growing and at least before I perished from this world I have something to give them. So I really asked my husband to assume a house for us here, since going abroad is not our option this time. I mean I still want to but the one who have to source to get us seems like have no intentions to work our papers. I have to have a house so I have something to leave for my kids when I’m gone. This house that I assumed have gone through rocky road, I struggled a lot just to pay the owner of this house. And now that he is paid, I could not be more than happy. I even breathe freely, this time it is for sure, this home I will offer this to my kids.

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