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Sensor Bar Is Not Functioning

It is summer time and so Mj is so bored already at home. So she tried to turn our WII again, it turned on unfortunately the sensor isn’t working. She is bugging me about it even before we went for a short trip. She asked me to make a canvas how much is the sensor but I always forgot to drop by in the computer shop. Just recently I opened it to my husband, I asked if he can find the sensor of a Wii there, maybe just maybe it is more affordable there than here. He sent me a picture for me to check if it is resemblance the one that we have at home. I even called Mj to double check the image after she saw it; she said it is what we have here at home.

 photo k2-_966a4cc2-525e-4f6f-bf10-af61dd93fc9b.v1_zpsu0spcwxo.jpg

How I wish our sensor bar for Wii will be replace in no time, since I am interested again to do the Zumba using Wii but I guess, it will not be replaced soon. We have things to prioritize first.

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