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My Sister Is Back Home

It has been 2 years that my sister did not go here to attend Faith, she was the one who attended Faith since then but due to financial circumstances, she stopped 2 years ago and had a small business in the wet market. But selling fish is not doing good. She went here last week and asked if I can hire her again to attend the house and the kids since the school will start soon and I am getting worried who would attend the kids in the morning while I am at work. Last year was not good at all when the school starts, most of the time my scorecard will get sacrifice. I can’t concentrate because I lack of sleep since I need to be the one to do everything. It is slowly getting better when Mj stopped her training, and got even better when Sister Lilian went home from Singapore. I don’t know what happen but she went with my other sister at Ph 1.

Now that my older sister is here, I will no longer worry who will attend to my kids when I am not at home or if they were able to get to school on time. I am worried about my financial stability if I could sustain giving her the amount that we agreed to give her.


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Mower The Weeds Finally

I have to cut the weeds but I just don’t have time. Everyday, whenever I arrived home I always find myself busy updating my blog. It has been like two months that we were not able to trim it.

The first time I saw this house two years ago, I fell in love with the yard aside from it is very wide that we can put another house on the side, the bermuda grass caught my attention too but due to time constraints I was not able to take care of it.

We contacted the person we always hire before to cut our weeds and finally this morning he was able to do it. I took a picture of the result. Thank goodness, everything is good to the eye now, no more growing weeds.

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To Make It Easier To Find

One night I received a message from a friend that she would like to come for a visit. She fought with her sister at home and she needed a place to breath and she thought that coming to our house would be a good idea. She did not know the direction to our house. So I messaged her that she will have to ride a Jeepney going here, asked the driver to stop her over to crossing and then ride a tricycle going to our subdivision, And she just have to look up to check for a Smart Broadband Antennae, she have to count the antennae the third one would be our house. My friend laugh so hard, she found it so funny and confusing, she decided not to go here.

I know, I know my instruction was just so hilarious. Nevertheless I learned my lesson, I should have given my address instead and not the numbers of a Smart Broadband Antennae in the village. On the other hand, it is best if I have sent a picture of our house instead with the address of course to make it easier to find.


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Springtime Checklist for Homeowners

Once winter has released its hold, it’s time to begin the first tasks on the to-do list for spring. While Florida may not experience bitter cold winters, there are still many annual tasks to complete to ensure the health of the family and the home. From bugs and pollutants to HVAC and lawns, there is a lot for a homeowner to do in the spring season.

HVAC Testing
From time to time, HVAC systems need to be checked on and maintained. Many people choose to do this once per year. During this testing and maintenance, HVAC professionals check the unit for any potential leaks or problems. If anything seems to be broken or worn out, repairs are required. At this time, the unit is also gassed up to ensure that it doesn’t overwork itself during the hottest summer afternoons.

Lawn Care
Spring is the best time to reseed lawns or begin new gardening and landscaping projects. The favorable weather provides the best conditions for new seedlings to take root and thrive. Lawns may only need reseeding once over the course of several years. However, a major drought or freeze may kill off much of the grass requiring reseeding earlier than normal.

Regular Inspections for Indoor Pests
Indoor pests such as roaches, spiders, and bed bugs can cause adverse reactions in family members. This is especially true with allergies or poisonous species. A Cape Coral exterminator can inspect the home for evidence of pests, use preventative pesticides, and advise the family if an infestation is found. If an infestation is caught early, the family will have much more success in eliminating the troubling and potentially dangerous pests.

Termite Inspections
Termites can go unnoticed for years while causing a devastating amount of damage to a home’s structure. This has resulted in the need for regular inspections to catch termites before they have the opportunity to destroy the home. In warmer tropical climates, the damage is accelerated as the termites are active year round. They eat through the wood, using the pulp to build their nests. As the population grows, the home is at risk of collapsing. Exterminators find it much easier to control the termites before population sizes get out of hand.

Owning a home can be stressful at times, especially when unexpected repairs, renovations, or maintenance costs pop up. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the home in excellent shape with each passing year. Prevention and maintenance will cost much less than neglected repairs.

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