Sweeping The Floor

Sister Lilian went to the other house, I don’t know if its for good or not. And so if I will not move or clean the house, the house will be messy at all times, especially now that this puppy that we have keeps on peeing on the floor, or even poop. I keep on telling Mj and Mariel to train the dog but they said it could not be train yet because it is still a baby.

Today I could not wait anymore I need to act. And so when I got home this afternoon, I grabbed the floor and started sweeping the floor. I thought to rearrange the couch too, for the living room to look more spacious. It also feels anew when you see something new in the house.

When Mj and Mariel seen that I sweeping the floor, Mariel all a sudden cleaned the bathroom that she promised to clean a week ago yet. Mj was helping me too, re arranging some stuffs in the cabinet in our living room. Faith? As usual she is there annoy us. I am tired I need to go now, I have to sleep for later. Goodnight!

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