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To Make It Easier To Find

One night I received a message from a friend that she would like to come for a visit. She fought with her sister at home and she needed a place to breath and she thought that coming to our house would be a good idea. She did not know the direction to our house. So I messaged her that she will have to ride a Jeepney going here, asked the driver to stop her over to crossing and then ride a tricycle going to our subdivision, And she just have to look up to check for a Smart Broadband Antennae, she have to count the antennae the third one would be our house. My friend laugh so hard, she found it so funny and confusing, she decided not to go here.

I know, I know my instruction was just so hilarious. Nevertheless I learned my lesson, I should have given my address instead and not the numbers of a Smart Broadband Antennae in the village. On the other hand, it is best if I have sent a picture of our house instead with the address of course to make it easier to find.


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