My Sister Is Back Home

It has been 2 years that my sister did not go here to attend Faith, she was the one who attended Faith since then but due to financial circumstances, she stopped 2 years ago and had a small business in the wet market. But selling fish is not doing good. She went here last week and asked if I can hire her again to attend the house and the kids since the school will start soon and I am getting worried who would attend the kids in the morning while I am at work. Last year was not good at all when the school starts, most of the time my scorecard will get sacrifice. I can’t concentrate because I lack of sleep since I need to be the one to do everything. It is slowly getting better when Mj stopped her training, and got even better when Sister Lilian went home from Singapore. I don’t know what happen but she went with my other sister at Ph 1.

Now that my older sister is here, I will no longer worry who will attend to my kids when I am not at home or if they were able to get to school on time. I am worried about my financial stability if I could sustain giving her the amount that we agreed to give her.


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