To Create A Cute Office Nook

If you had a closet that is preoccupied at all, you can use that one to create a cute office nook. It would be easy if you just free your mind and let your imagination do the work.

Clear out a wide catch-all closet, cut away the wall beside the door so to open a recess

When you are in a tight budget, you can use a nail gun to attach 6 inch planks of plywood to the walls, ceiling and floor, for your office nook. Paint it with white or any painting that is not too strong. To make it more impressive, put a rug underfoot beneath the chair for your desk.

To make a perfect desk, if you have a second hand dresser, cut out the middle drawer for the knee room. Paint the base white s

Install two wall cabinets from an old cabinet box, or leftover lumber and the like.

You see if you are talented enough to create an attach to the wall office nook, this creation can only cost a dime. On the other hand just got this tip in This Old House magazine.


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