Our HD Smart TV

It was last month that I decided to get a TV set for installment, I can’t wait anymore for August to come, yeah it was planned to get a TV set on August since our loan will be over that time. But geez, I miss watching TV programs on TV, it has been a while that I haven’t watch some news. So I decided to just get a TV set in the shop where I got my Stove Oven. I choose the HD Smart TV. This TV aside its offer for High Definition, the TV can also be connected to a WiFi, in which we already tried it. The moment it arrived, we tried watching You Tube videos on it, and it was amazing I even tried the Karaoke through You Tube it is just so awesome because I  was able to sing latest songs. I can’t wait to buy speaker so we can get some quality sound.

The TV that we had before was not branded, it only served us like two years and now it is gone forever. It did not even serve us full term because within a year upon purchase, we have to send it back to the store because it won’t turn on. We have to wait a month to have it repair, and now it gives up, it is no longer under warranty so it is useless if we will send it back to the store. So we decided to just get a branded TV and this time, I made sure it leveled up. Whenever I watch a movie on our new TV set, it is so surreal; the view is just so amazing.

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I am sure I will not be sorry in the end; I know the TV will last longer.

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