De Cluttering Some Stuffs

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One Sunday when I arrived from school, I was so interested to have our house look tidy and new. I asked the kids to help me. My plan was just to arrange the books in our TV rack but after arranging some stuffs, I thought to transfer the TV rack to other side.

From the day we moved in here, our TV was always on the right side near the door. It has been like almost three years that we are here and yet, I did not re arrange some stuffs, it stays the way it is ever since.

Right after it is done, I took a picture of it and I felt so accomplished. Mj and Mariel were there to help me dragging the couch, the table and all that stuff. My home looks so neat and so squeaky clean after all. Although Mj and Mariel told me to buy another TV rack, I am looking forward to it but I need to settle my car yet. The leaking is still there, and it requires lots of money to repair the leak because it is situated in the injection pump. So I have to go now, for the meantime what I can only offer is this picture. Thank God, after being hiatus again I am here agonizing to update my blog and update my house. LOL


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