Done With My Loan, Finally!

Finally, I am  done with my loan. Remember I have my car as collateral when I borrowed money from them 2 years ago? Now I am free from debt finally. It was supposed to be just one year but I renewed last year of July to pay the interest of the house when I assumed it. And so to end my debt with the previous owner of this house, I re-loan for P60, 000.00. It was not enough, because I have to pay like P100, 000.00 I lacked of P40, 000.00. I earned from my online business of P15, 000.00 and borrowed P25, 000 from my friend. I just paid her P5, 000.00 each month and I paid the last payment last December.

And just last month, I can finally breathe. I was able to pay the last full payment in RFC loan. I was so excited to pay the last month. The staffs even sang me a graduation song, while I kept on laughing. They were not serious though, I know they were just teasing me. They even told me that I can renew anytime if I like but nope, I will not. Maybe next year but I think I won’t. It is better to save money and buy the things that you want than to borrow some money with interest.


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