Swing Door Operator Replaced

The swing door operator of our screen door in the kitchen is busted. It will not going to close slowly but it bang right away when you let it go. It has been like that for so many years already. The screen was also damaged; it has many big holes already. I needed to replace it. I was thinking to replace het whole swing door but somebody advised me that I can replace only the swing door operator and the screen, so to save some bucks especially I am on the tight budget. The swing door operator costs P 950. 00 and the screen cost P 800. 00 so I took the opportunity. I called right away the shop that will do the replacement, they took the swing door so they can install the swing door operator and put on the new screen. I was not around when they took the swing door. It was my sister who accommodated them, and my sister changes the request. She said that the screen in the upper looks good still and no holes at all, so she asked them to just replace the bottom part, which only half of the original price. So instead I paid them P800.00 for the screen, I only paid them P 400. 00. It saves me more, I thought it could be done that way but they did. Now our screen do not bang at all when you let it go and no mosquitoes anymore could get inside the house, if there is it is only minimal.

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