Why Do so Many Rich People Play Golf?

There are a lot of sports that are played by people regardless of their social or economic standing. For example, soccer is one of the most popular sports played on the planet. As long as you have a ball and as long as you have something that can serve as a net or as a goalpost, you are good to go. Soccer can be played with two people, or it can be played with 20 people. Because there is a low economic entry into playing soccer, everyone does it.

The same thing does not apply with golf. Golf is a game that seems to attract richer people. But the question is, why? Why do more rich people play golf than poor people?

There are a lot of reasons for this. One reason is because when a person usually reaches financial security, they are past the bloom of youth. Yet, they still want the physical exertion, competition, and mental challenge that comes from playing sports. Golf is a time-tested way to allow an individual who is in their 50’s or their 60’s to get outdoors, challenge themselves physically, and compete with friends and family.

Another reason is that the barrier to entry into golf is very high. Many golf clubs are exclusive and expensive. In addition to requiring their members to pay fees, or they may have other requirements about the financial or social standing of their members. In return for paying these high fees, golf club members have the privilege to enjoy the amenities that the club offers. Included in these amenities are things like golf carts that have state-of-the-art club car body parts.

Unlike other sports that a person can play with just a couple of friends, golf is a sport that requires you to be able to have access to a specialized court. In order to get good at golf, you need paid lessons, expensive equipment, and you also need to have the money and time to practice your golf game repeatedly.

One of the interesting things about golf is that even if a person is younger than you and even if they are more athletic, if they have not received the training on how to play the game, it is very unlikely that they will play better than you do.

This does not mean that a person needs to be rich to play golf. However, to become proficient at the sport, a person will need to have access to some serious financial backing.

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