Music And House Renovation

As you all know Faith just change her music from Violin she decided to transfer to Piano and I just learned all of this from her teacher. The Violin is very much expensive but what else can I do, she just rejected it this year. I thought to buy the korg microkey, it is not that big and very handy so it won’t occupy a space at home but the teacher said I don’t have to buy for it since they have some at school that Faith can borrow during recital on December.

Yeah, we have a small space at home, I know I need to do some extension and I am doing my best to save for it but how can I? I already used some yesterday for Mariel’s checkup. She got a fever and it is already on her 4th day yesterday and yet the fever is still there. Now I think I got caught some sickness, I am not feeling well, now tell me how can I save. But I will never give up; maybe next year will be the right time for our house to be extended.


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