Lucky Charm For The House

I am watching a local movie right now, the title is Fenghshui 2. It is about a person who owns the Bagua; it is a haunted Bagua that if you will see yourself in it, you will be lucky but after that something bad will happen to you and your family. Oh well, it just a movie so 100% it is not true at all.

Bagua is a Chinese religious octagonal contains of the eight trigrams of the I Ching. It shaped octagonal because it denotes the balance of yin and yang or around a mirror. They said if you will hang this on the top of your living room door, you will get lucky and everyone lives in the house.

I have this before in our old house but when I moved out, I didn’t bring the Bagua at all, so right now we already don’t have this kind of decoration in our house, but wait I wanted to buy that wind chimes. I am not sure though if that brings fortune as well, yet I like the sounds when the wind blows it. It is just so good to the ear


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