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Workspace At Home

If you would like to achieve a clean with a minimal decorated space, it is best if you apply neutral color to your workspace. You can put white paint on the wall but make sure to apply neutral on the accessories and the furniture. Putting gray, cream, and beige, is a desaturated on the side, which mean you are mixing a color of the spectrum with white.

Put up some color with a similar theme that you have in your workspace. Of course you don’t like your space to look so dull at all. You can display a botanical plant on the top your working table, to show accent pieces and artwork. But you should limit the colors to match the theme. If you are interested with earthly accent or rustic look, make sure that you apply just a small amount of it. Little things can enhance the beauty of your workspace, those things that are hard to noticed, things can make you happy because most of the time, simple things can make biggest difference.


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Re-Arranged Some Stuffs

Yesterday, when I went home from work I noticed that I have something I needed to do at least today since I got home a little early and that is to put the microwave oven back to its original place since the microwave oven that my sister brought from Singapore was sold out. She sold it out; it was okay though since we have microwave oven our own. The rack that we have put the 2 microwave ovens is empty now, but it was good though that it was empty because I can put things there like our printer and Faith’s books. The counter where I put my printer before is already occupied by our landline, my favorite magazines and my laptop.

Excuse my sister who is sleeping in the couch

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Terrace or An Awning?

It was last Wednesday that our car broke down again, this time  I need to replace the battery. The battery was already over a year and so it gave up. I was planning to buy a new battery on the day I will receive my payroll. I don’t want to bother my husband again for this one because I know he is having a hard time budgeting his money right now.

On the other hand, I was able to talk to someone who can install an awning at our garage. He estimated the whole expenses and he said his labor plus the materials will be P 8,000.00 I was able to lower the price to P 7, 500.00. He said he will be using pipe for the awning. I am not sure if that is expensive at all but for me it is already but I can’t find someone to install the awning so maybe I would get him soon. But I was contemplating with an awning or a terrace with a park spot, which already have the roof. I was thinking maybe I could get a good deal for the terrace with a park spot that has the roof on it already compared if I will just put an awning as our parking spot.

I am looking for someone to estimate the whole terrace, I did not find anyone yet I hope soon though before I will come up with a decision and I hope whatever decision I have I will not regret it in the end.


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How Corner Racks Can Be a Home Decor Lifesaver

It’s both amazing and befuddling, how a home can become so overcrowded with things both bought and gifted through the years. If it seems like you’ve stacked your assorted belongings in front of every book and on every table, and your family is complaining about all the clutter on top of the piano, the television set and every other large object in the room, maybe it’s time to start thinking about investing in a new storage rack.

You might think in horror that you don’t have room for one more thing, but there are several exciting options available that will work in most homes. For instance, how many people actually make use of the corners in the rooms? Most furniture isn’t built to fit into corners, so it’s either sticking out oddly in the corner with unused space behind it or else at least one corner is bare.

Thankfully, there is a solution for this type of awkward situation, due to a genius who invented those special little bookshelves that are specifically made for corners. They come in many assorted designs and styles and fit snugly into the corners so that no space is wasted. Usually they have between three or four little shelves on which you can place plants, books, knickknacks or other objects that may be crowding assorted parts of your home.

The next time you’re planning to do any renovating in your home, consider purchasing a couple of these corner baker racks. Even though their original intended use was for baked goods, they are very useful for displaying non-edible things around the house. With the various beautiful designs of their metal craftsmanship, they easily fit into the decor for different rooms in all kinds of houses. If you’re looking for something that will add a touch of personality and unique class, these little shelves may be just what you’re looking for.

When you redecorate your home with these unique corner racks, you will have a place to put a potted plant or a small, framed photo or even a knickknack given to you by a dear friend without blocking access to other objects in the room. Your room will look much more spacious and less cluttered, and you will show that you know how to arrange your furniture and other beloved objects in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

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