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Workspace At Home

If you would like to achieve a clean with a minimal decorated space, it is best if you apply neutral color to your workspace. You can put white paint on the wall but make sure to apply neutral on the accessories and the furniture. Putting gray, cream, and beige, is a desaturated on the side, which mean you are mixing a color of the spectrum with white.

Put up some color with a similar theme that you have in your workspace. Of course you don’t like your space to look so dull at all. You can display a botanical plant on the top your working table, to show accent pieces and artwork. But you should limit the colors to match the theme. If you are interested with earthly accent or rustic look, make sure that you apply just a small amount of it. Little things can enhance the beauty of your workspace, those things that are hard to noticed, things can make you happy because most of the time, simple things can make biggest difference.


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