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White And Gold Theme

We just arrived from a meeting in Ladislawa; we talked about the upcoming Christmas party of the kids to be held on December 3 and 4. On our way home, I saw some Christmas Parole selling in the street, I stopped and asked how much was it? It was a bit expensive, I and Mj talked about it and she said she thinks she can manage to put up Christmas lights outdoor and just forget buying about that Outdoor Christmas Decor, in that way we can save up some bucks so maybe we will choose what she suggested.

Just recently we already put up the Christmas tree, it is almost finish, and I think I need to buy more flowers with color white and gold, yes that’s our theme this year. I will also buy 3 mistletoe.

Here’s our Christmas Tree on 2016:

 photo 15107383_10210714132905565_6110075664812263970_n_zpslawxtrxw.jpg

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Too Much

The one whom I talked to about building a garage was able to provide me the whole expenses. And my jaw dropped how big it was, I even exclaimed that it looks like he is extending a room already, even the labor fee reached up to my neck so I said it is too much and told him I will just contact him if ever I will have the money already. So now I am contemplating either to hire to build a garage or to repair our window. I was thinking to put up a glass on it and the one whom I talked about it said for one window, it would cost P 4, 000.00, which is okay in my part since I would do it one at a time. So maybe I can do 2 windows in one month or 1 window in one month depending on the budget.

I contacted my brother-in-law if he knew someone who can give lesser budget for the garage. He said that he knew someone but during that time that he is available I was not. So I asked my brother-in-law to ask him if he can go to the house tomorrow. He agreed with me, so tomorrow it is, I will meet the other guy to ask for his fee and the materials needed. If he can give me lesser amount then maybe I would push through the garage but if not, then I will pursue the window repair.



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Building A Garage Soon

Finally I was able to talk to someone who knows how to construct a garage. He will give me the whole details and the budget by tomorrow. We won’t be using bars for the braces, he suggested Gemilina materials for the braces, and he said that kind of wood could not be attacked easily by the termites. I can’t wait to see the design that he will be putting up. It has been so long already that I had been planning to put up a garage outside but I just don’t have the budget and time and since I will receive my 13th month pay early, I think I can afford to build a garage. I have so many garage designs I have in mind, but I am contemplating of these two:

 photo 148638.jpg

This could be classy, but I think it won’t look good in our area

 photo 00433_Dream_House_Builder_Manila_Philippines.jpg

This is what keeps on taunting in my mind, but I am not sure if I can attain this. It looks very expensive to me at all. Maybe somewhat similar to this will do, I hope the one I would hire will not price me that much or else I will be doomed.

The pictures above were taken from GOOGLE. Credits to the owner.

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Home Safety Tips

Robberies and home invasions are two of the most feared scenarios we can imagine. The thought of someone coming into your home and threatening the lives of your family is a nightmare. Alarms, strong locks, and cameras can help but everything is not fool-proof.

Home Safety

What will you do if you are awakened in the middle of the night by a noise in another part of your home? Your first reaction is to check out what is making the noise. This can be a mistake if there is an armed intruder in your living room. In the event that you do confront an intruder, there are a few things that can help.

Do not argue or try to fight them. If they are armed the situation could turn violent in short order. Cooperate and try to remain calm and stay alert for a chance to escape. Many homeowners are arming themselves but this can also be taking a chance that you or a family member could be wounded or worse.

Most families have a plan in the event of a fire, but few consider a plan for a home robbery or invasion. This is just as important and all family members should know what to do if this happens to assure their safety. Choose a room for everyone to go to if it is at all possible.

Added Security

In addition to the standard precautions you take such as security systems, defection shields are a good choice for added protection. The shields are made of steel and can be installed over existing doors or elsewhere. They are bullet resistant and can protect your entire family from gunfire if a robbery or home invasion turns violent.

T & J Company is a company that offers these deflection shields. The panels provide bullet deflection which gives you time to call 911 and have help on the way. The panels are wide enough to protect three to five people from gunfire. Installing the panels on bedroom doors could help to save the lives of your family.

Choosing the best methods of protecting your family in the event of a home invasion or robbery is one of the most important decisions you can make. No one wants to believe this will happen to them but being prepared is the best way to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

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