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Eliminating Dangerous Pests with Eco-Friendly Methods

The Zika virus outbreak has everyone worried about mosquito infestations. These pests no longer just inflict itchy and bothersome welts when they bite you. They can now infect you with a virus that could lead to serious health consequences. When you want to get rid of mosquitoes without using harsh chemicals like sprays or foggers, you can get rid of these pests by using eco-friendly products like tablets, water treatment for mosquitoes, traps, and more. These methods are safe for the earth and also do not put you or your family at risk of chemical exposure.

Innovative Mosquito Treatments

You may be familiar with the most commonly used methods to get rid of mosquitoes. You can use sprays like repellents before going outdoors. You can also use foggers and indoor pesticides to kill mosquitoes in your home or workplace.

As effective as these products may be, they also may leave you coughing and gagging at their smell and lingering vapor or mist. They also cling to your clothing and make your skin sticky and dirty.

Rather than use conventional methods to get rid of these pests, you can eliminate them at their source by using traps and tablets in water where they like to lay eggs and live. These traps require little care or attention. You put them in the water along with two tablets and let the traps do their job to attract and kill mosquitoes.

You can use this method wherever you have standing water in your yard. For example, mosquitoes tend to be drawn to bird baths because they hold water for long periods of time without evaporating. Likewise, mud puddles are another favorite place where mosquitoes like to lay eggs and hide. You can put these traps in the standing water without presenting a risk to birds and other wildlife. The treatments also will not harm the soil or air.


The Zika outbreak will stay fresh in people’s minds for months. You can help allay their fears even before summer starts by selling these traps in a fundraiser.

People who want to keep mosquitoes at bay will buy the treatments for their homes. They also may buy more because of how eco-friendly these traps are.

Mosquitoes present a health danger that many people now fear. You can get rid of these pests and the Zika threat by using eco-friendly tablets and traps.

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A Place To Be

Since my car was sent to the mechanic to repair, I was taking Jeepney to get home with my friend. One day we stopped by at this store. This store is known because of its prices, it is too affordable and I didn’t expect that they offer a lot for home. I roamed around the store and I found some things I will buy next time when I visit the place.  I will buy this watering can since I’d been thinking to buy one, I just don’t know where to buy and now since I discovered this place, I think I will visit the store very often.

I eyed some Christmas decorations too, and mind you they are not expensive at all. I didn’t put up our Christmas tree yet hopefully I can one of these days and if we are lacking some decorations to hang I am sure where to go to fill our Christmas tree.

Plates, oh plates it has been a while since I bought set of plates and I think it’s a good idea to buy one this coming holiday season, what do you think?


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Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe around Horses

Having a horse can be an exciting experience for a child. However, horses are very powerful animals and children need to be taught how to stay safe when they are around horses. The following tips can help parents keep their children safe when they are near horses.

First, it is important for parents to set a good example. They want to pay attention to how they handle the horse in order to set the right example for their children. When you set rules for how your child must interact with the horses, show your child how to follow these rules. For example, use your voice to let the horse know where you are. Walking up behind a horse can startle it. This has led to children and adults being kicked and injured. However, when your children see you using your voice to let the horse know where you are and you follow other rules, they will do the same.

Second, make sure that the horse your child rides is appropriate for their age and their size. It is also important to watch your child and the horse as the child gains experience. The more you know about the horse and your child’s experience with horses, the more ready you will be to avert disaster and allow everyone to have a good experience working with the horse.

Third, offer your kids the ability to take riding lessons from a professional. This third suggestion may be necessary if you do not have a lot of riding experience yourself. When you do riding lessons, your children need to have appropriate clothing, like girls riding pants, for example. Working with a professional will help your children to learn all of the rules of riding and help them to handle the horse in a safe way.

Fourth, if possible, get your kid involved with an equestrian organization or club. The great thing about doing something like this is that it helps your kid stay focused, and it helps them to learn how to work with horses in the proper way. It provides them with a hobby that they will enjoy. They will be outside working with nature. And for many kids who have belonged to a equestrian organization or club, they have grown up to make a living with a career that is somehow related to working with horses.

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What I Accomplished This Year

Looking back, I can feel that I accomplished something very important this year. It was this year that I have our tiles repaired. I also installed new tiles too, so now when we step on it, we don’t have to be careful of which tiles to step because all of it is properly installed already.

Our gutter just collapsed when the rain poured so hard. It has been a while that it hanged and it is not that very impressive to look at it outside. Good thing that I was able to find one on my rest day to fix it. It was fix at first but then it collapsed the 2nd time around, it was not easy for me to find one to fix it again because I don’t have contact already with the first one who repaired it, while my car was sent to my mechanic, I had a chance to ride in a tricycle and I was able to talk to them if they knew someone who can repair our gutter. One was sent to the house and the next day, he repaired it right away.

The screen door in the back was ruined, it bang all so sudden when you are closing it. My brother in law recommended one of their clients. They repair screen doors, or glasses and they went here to check what things to replace. They replaced the mechanic swing and they also replaced the screen door.

The last but not the least  is I think the biggest  accomplishment this year; finally we are fully paid already with our loan. We took this loan so we can pay the previous owner of this house. And last August was our last payment and I could not be happier when I realized we don’t have owed that much money at all. It is too tiring when I have to think about it every month, imagine our monthly installment was P 13,000.00 each month so instead of spending it to other matters here at home, but since it’s our obligation to pay for it, our budget just ruined. So hopefully when this year is over I can accomplish more, I just need to breathe some air after we were fully paid for this loan.

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