A Place To Be

Since my car was sent to the mechanic to repair, I was taking Jeepney to get home with my friend. One day we stopped by at this store. This store is known because of its prices, it is too affordable and I didn’t expect that they offer a lot for home. I roamed around the store and I found some things I will buy next time when I visit the place.  I will buy this watering can since I’d been thinking to buy one, I just don’t know where to buy and now since I discovered this place, I think I will visit the store very often.

I eyed some Christmas decorations too, and mind you they are not expensive at all. I didn’t put up our Christmas tree yet hopefully I can one of these days and if we are lacking some decorations to hang I am sure where to go to fill our Christmas tree.

Plates, oh plates it has been a while since I bought set of plates and I think it’s a good idea to buy one this coming holiday season, what do you think?


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