So Many Things I Need To Accomplish

Yeah, I have so many things I need to accomplish for this house. My first project is put a garage, I was thinking to install metal or steel in the brace but I realized it will be very expensive and besides, I will uninstall it soon and will transfer it in the front when we extend our living room there and a bedroom for Mj. My mechanic recommended me one but I did not talk to them yet, I actually waiting for them now.

My second project is put a roof in our laundry area; it is very hot when my sister will do some laundry. The Malungay tree has been cut down and the bamboo was also cut down recently. No one has time to trim it down so I decided to just cut it off.

My third project is the kitchen sink; we need to repair it because it leaks whenever we wash dishes. I thought to extend the kitchen but it will not be soon and my niece is complaining about it already. And I am too eager already to repair it so after I am done with my garage maybe it will be the next.

My fourth project is to buy another door for our living room, it has been eaten by some mites and sooner or later I know it will be ruined.

My fifth project is the window; I will be slowly installing a new glass sliding window. I talked to an installer last month and he said that one window will cost P 4,000.00. I hope everything will be done next year but I’ll make sure that the garage will finish next month. I am already counting about it.


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