Would Black Give Justice?

I’d been thinking to buy paint for my counter top where my laptop situated. The color of our current paint is white; my sister suggested putting a black pain so to match our couch. I am not sure though if it’s a good idea. But if I have a guide what to do and what not, maybe I could come up with an idea. I am flipping a magazine right here, and it leads me some tips to get the right paint.

For a dresser, it would be best if you put up a paint that is color green. The enamel semi-gloss can make it shine but the most important of this paint is it shows up us the detail of the work. To have this one replicated, paint around the edges with a small brush so it won’t mess up. A steady hand is required for the detailed work.

This one I have is just so plain, no edges to enhance the beauty. All I need is a new paint, would black paint give justice?


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