A Home for your Horses

Horses need a comfortable place to call home the same as humans and other animals. Whether the horse is a pet, a show horse, or simply kept for riding, they need a place that shelters them from the weather and provides safety. There are all types of barns from a small single stall to the more elaborate. The construction of a barn will depend on how many horses will be housed and the cost as well as personal preferences.

Advantages of Steel Versus Wood

In the past many barns were constructed totally of wood. Today, the focus on durability as well as comfort, ease of use, and the health of the horses has led many to choose steel for the construction.

There are many advantages to steel frame horse barns. Constructing the entire barn of steel provides even more benefits. When using steel frames, the steel columns are anchored to the foundation which is made of concrete. Using steel protects against decay, cracking, and it is fire resistant. When wood poles are used, they are buried in the ground and often they will decay compromising the structure.

Wood barns will require more maintenance than steel. The nails used often back out as the wood constricts and expands with the weather. This can also cause it to split. Steel will stand up to all types of weather without these problems. Wood is also prone to insects such as termites. Storms, particularly ones with high winds can damage a wood barn more easily than one made from steel.

Other Factors

Another factor that must be considered is the cost. Steel frame barns are a bit more expensive than a pole type but in the long run they cost less. Why is this? The steel will last a lot longer than wood and require less maintenance. Steel is safer for horses because it holds up to kicking and cannot be chewed. Sometimes horses will chew on wood.

Steel barns cost less to insure because they will not burn like a wood barn. Property with a steel barn will appraise for more than than property with a wood barn. These are just some of the reasons more people are choosing steel barns such as the ones offered by American Buildings, Inc.

Providing the most comfortable home for the horse or horses that will live in the new barn is important. Healthy, sanitary conditions as well as a safe environment are more factors to consider when choosing the best option.

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