I Must Save

I already got our 13th month pay and I thought I can already put up a shade in our garage and shade for our laundry area but I wasn’t able to fulfill my task. We can’t find someone to do it with affordable fee, I asked my sister to look for one but she said she can’t find anyone. I already talked to my brother-in-law but he always tells me that the guy will be here but he did not. I am thinking this past few days, maybe if I can’t find someone who will do our garage I might have to hire the one who will do our garage using steel bars and not woods. But I think it requires more budgets, and my 13th month pay is not enough since I have to buy my kids their gifts. I can’t afford to look at empty handed this coming Christmas so maybe I have to set it aside. So I was thinking to save to do all the things I needed to do and maybe this summer I will be able to fulfill it. But it doesn’t mean I have nothing to do something in our house before the year-ends because after Christmas I will purchase a new door for our living room. And I can’t wait for that time.

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