Things That You Should Not Do In Your Bathroom

How many times do you have to clean your bathroom?

In my case, I will clean my bathroom during my off so that’s going to be once a week. I could not contain seeing those molds in the wall or things on the floor if I can’t at least clean our bathroom once a week.

If you think you are doing something right in your bathroom, oh well you might wanna think carefully if you are doing this to your bathroom.

If you are used not to shut down the lid of your toilet bowl, you have to change the habit. Yes you need to shut down the lid of the toilet bowl when you flush because if you don’t the germs water particles will spread all around the room and it’s up to 6 to 7 feet away from the bowl. This is proven again and again that the bacteria can linger in the air before it would settle in a filthy film.

Do not store your toothbrush in a close area or in a cabinet because it may not be able to dry in between uses and it can invite more bacteria instead. Yes, it will not be contaminated from other brush but trapping it in a cabinet can make it worst. Put your toothbrush outside and positioned it upright and do not open your toilet bowl lid.

No leaving of make up or whatever you applied in your face, you just give more chance to have the bacteria to grow in your bathroom.

If you are using your loofah way too long, this is the time to change it because if you do since the loofah does not dry right away after you use it, you just invite bacteria and would stay in your loofah way too long so instead of providing you of a nice healthy bath, think it a million times.

No towels should stay in your bathroom and I am so guilty of this, not the towel but my undergarments since I am working night shift so I intend to hang my undergarments inside the bathroom. I realized I should change the habit because if I would continue on doing this, I let the mildew and bacteria growth.


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