No Time To Do Anything At Home

I arrived home late again yesterday; it is because I dropped by in the mall to check something. I bought a new bracelet for my wristwatch and a pair of earrings. I also need to fetch Mj in the school since they had MTAP training. When I got in the school, I need to wait for almost an hour for their dismissal. I think my daughter was too tired because she asked me if we can get home right away. Good thing, I brought the car with me so we were able to get home right away, the thing is the moment I parked the car, we found out that the car got overheat, have to call the mechanic right away, we need to buy a hose for radiator. I told the mechanic if we can do it all on Thursday, I don’t have enough budgets yesterday.

I was so tired even today to organized things for the house, I need to do some changes in the house but I can’t because I am too busy. I know that I promised to have our window repair, or bought a new living room door, or put a garage spot and put a roof in our laundry area but geez I could not do it all, not this time as I need to save so I can accomplish something.


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