Double Deck Bed For The Kids Bedroom In The Future

My friend resigned from her work to focus on dealing furniture and fixtures. Her boyfriend is an architect and he will do designs for home cabinets, wood couches, tables, and bed frames made out of woods. Recently my supervisor is looking for bed frame and I introduced my friend’s boyfriend designs and stuffs. She wanted to have the double size bed, my friend sent me a photo and I thought it was the exact sample I asked from her but it’s not. She said she just wanted to show me the headboard.

 photo 17197736_1433439116719858_1972724169_n_zpssdkdogo4.jpg

The moment I saw the bed frame in my messenger, I exclaimed this would fit for the kids bedroom in the future. Yeah I need to build one for them.  I am now starting with our laundry area. One of the projects that I need to do this year, I am fulfilling it because I started withdrawing my savings in the bank because I always run short.

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