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Crest View : My Friend’s House

One day my friend who just arrived from Dubai visited me here in the house. We had a long chit chats, I learned that she have a new house, they just got it recently. They don’t want to put it up yet since she will go back to Dubai but the developer house informed them that the spot they choose is ready to build and it is already approved. When they visited the house a month ago, it was not totally buil but when we came for a visit now, the wall was put up already. She talked to one of the staff in the village, they said it will be completed. The month that she will be going back to Dubai. They want to slow the construction down but I guess they can’t get a hold of it already.

I am so happy for her, finally they can have a home that they can call their own. Sooner or later, this house will be so beautiful just like my friend and her family.

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