Wonder Sweeper On Tuesday Yet

The first time I saw the broom spinner something, I thought of wanting it right away but I stopped myself since I believe that it was too expensive for me.

One day my niece told me that she ordered something in a certain website and she said that almost all of the items that they offer are very affordable. I checked the website right away; I scanned all the items until I found the Wonder Sweeper and Dustpan all in one. I was surprised because the price is so light in the pocket. I can actually afford it!

So I added one in the cart using my niece app. The total amount was only P 330. 00. I was so excited, my niece said I can receive it today but I got disappointed when I receive not the item but her news. It will not be receive but it will ship yet today and I could have the items maybe on Tuesday next week.

Oh well maybe that was a blessing in disguise because I almost don’t have a budget for our allowance daily. Yeah I need to get the P 330. 00 pesos back in my wallet so the kids can go to their school and I can go to work. Not having the item today was just right for me. I can wait!

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