Dried For Six Months

Our lawn is filled with grass and weeds, I don’t want to fill it with cement because if I do, it would be very hot and muddy plus we don’t have plants surrounding our house thus the weeds will grow and that makes our house looks like no one lives in it, in fact it would looked like haunted when the weeds will see all over the place. So every month I always hire someone to cut it, and it is too expensive. Imagine, the labor costs us P 250. 00 which it totally ruined my budget. I tried to cut it myself with our grass cutter but it is very tiring and itchy. When the weeds touches my skin, i will get rashes, I am not being maarte or something but no matter how I tried to ignore it, I just can’t ignore the rashes that shows up in my skin, it is okay if it only shows up rashes but nope it gets more itchy and the rashes will get more red. I rather pay somebody to cut the weeds than to buy expensive soap for the rashes, in that way I can still save.

One friend of my sister offered me something; he has this spray that can dry the weeds off. When it’s about to grow, it will not grow lively but it will get dry and the weeds can’t be visible at all. I asked him to spray all the weeds that surround the house except in front when we put some Bermuda grass. The labor was P 500. 00 yes it is more than P 250. 00 but it will take 6 months yet for the spray to be expired from the weeds. So I will enjoy the no green weeds for 6 months.

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