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Thank You and Happy New Year!

2018 is just around the corner and this year was a blast although it did not start good since I and Mj had a big fight before the year ends last year and it continued before her birthday on January. It was not good, I almost collapsed because of that fight but everything was settled. We were able to guide her and helped her realized that what we are doing was for her. So I should say thank you for the memories 2017 good or bad, I am now ready to face what store for me on 2018. But I want to say a word to my family who was always with me through thick or thin.

To my husband I know we have flaws, we are not perfect. But thank you for supporting me of whatever decision I have. Thank you for not quitting on us, thank you that even though we are miles apart for how many years already, you did not give up. You are still here for us; you are still supporting us that sometimes you don’t have anything at all because you gave it all to us. Thank you for being there. We miss you so much.

For my eldest daughter, MJ. Thank you for understanding it all, I know it is hard but you chose to follow me and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for taking good care of me when I got sick and was sent to the ER. You were so worried that you were not able to sleep just to make sure that I took my medicine right on time. Thank you for making up with your grades, you see you were able to make it just believe. I know you have so many dreams in life, just keep on achieving; I am just here willing to back you up. Remember, I, Daddy, Faith and Mariel love you so much.

To my youngest daughter, Faith. Don’t you know you are so adorable? Thank you for always making me laugh. I know you don’t mean to crack jokes but you being so innocent telling me things, I can’t help but laugh. You are my joy Faith. Thank you for the inspiring words, thank you for being the sweetest child I know. We love you to the moon and back.

To my niece, Mariel. I don’t treat you like anybody else but my own daughter. We had been together since you were in Grade 4. Thank you for doing your best to be a good Ate to your cousins, although there are times that you were stubborn but thank you for listening and following my advice,   I know that I over react sometimes over things just know that I am scared that you might decide of things that you will regret in the end. I over react maybe because I cared for you too much and please know that I am always here for you.  Follow your dreams because if you do, your future shines the brightest. I personally will back you up because we always love you.

To my other niece, Moreen. Thank you for being so responsible to your Mom and your family. I adore you being so strong for your family. I saw myself in you; I know that you will be able to surpass all the hardship because you are so determined. Your future awaits you with glam, and when you are already there, please take good care of your Mom, you are the only one whom she can depend on. Keep soaring Moreen!

To my nephews Dodong and Yanyan. You both became so close, study hard and I know you can make it. I know you both love basketball, but life doesn’t always surround to the sport you love, there is more adventures up there ready for you both but you have to study hard first and reach your goal and soon you will realized you will say they are right, they are absolutely right. Just continue to be responsible and everything will follow.

To my sisters, thank you for everything and happy New Year!

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Christmas Tree And Christmas Gifts

This is a late post, oh well our Christmas Tree was put up too late as well since I was too busy every weekend. On the first weekend this month, I and the kids joined a Christmas Party for the Red Sail Swimming Team, it was held overnight at the Cavanico Beach Resort. We went home on Sunday afternoon; I didn’t have time to assemble our Christmas tree since I need to sleep when we got home to have energy at work at the later time.

On the 2nd weekend, we had our team building at work, and it was held overnight too at Buda in Alice Log House. I didn’t have time again when we get home. It was too tiring that when we got home, I have to rest for a while, I didn’t sleep yet that time, I feel like I have to open my eyes yet while resting. So many things I need to catch up with my youngest daughter’s Christmas Party.

Needless to say, the Christmas tree was put up in the middle of the month already. I can’t wait for another weekend because I am sure that I will get too busy again in the coming week. It is better to do it now than to wait for the weekend because I doubt to do it if I waited again. I and my sister helped each other to accomplish the task that supposedly was done already a month ago.

I just recycled the one in the box, if the motif last month  was blue and silver, I made it unique this time, I have the red and white combination. I thought it  will be dull and boring but guess what? I enjoyed looking at it so that means to say I was doing a good job.

I know I needed to put some gifts under it. Thus, on December 23rd I put all the gifts together under the Christmas tree, the kids were confused what gifts they can get this Christmas that they won’t stop asking me the same question over and over again. Good thing I was able to hold my composure, I didn’t give them even a slightest details of what they can get. They need to wait until Christmas Eve.

I bought book and wristwatch for Faith, wristwatch and an earphone for Mj, wristwatch for my niece too. I got bag for my niece Moreen and Elite socks for my nephews.

I will not be able to afford all of this if not with my earnings here. I am so thankful I am blessed enough to give gifts for my family. I could not ask for more.


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Simple Yet So Classy

We had our team building last weekend and I was amazed with the house that we stayed in. You see if you view the house outside, you would think that the house is just so small, I even wondered if all of us can fit in for that house. We were like 13 guests all in all; I was worried if I and Mj can still find a room for us since we came so late. But when I went inside and checked the house, it was so huge that there were still rooms that need to be vacated but of course most of us wanted to sleep in one area. We took the available for me and Mj, some slept in the area under the stairs going to the room, one slept in the living room and one slept in the entertainment area, most of us put all the beds in the space near the two bedrooms.

The house is made of wood except the floor in the kitchen area. I like the terrace near the entertainment area because you can see almost the whole view outside. What made it cool is at night if you will open the doors and the windows, fogs will rushing in. It was thin and oh so white that it could even touch in your skin however the cold is unbearable that you have to wear a parka or not you may want to double your jacket for you not to chill.

I love the whole, it was simple and yet so classy, when we took a picture of us, it looks like we were staying in one of the house in US!

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In Remodeling A House

There’s nothing like the ease and comfort of living in a home you own. It’s a place you can depend on, even if the view is less than perfect and the bathroom shower never seems to have a good water flow. Luckily, the backyard is great and so is the local school, which makes up for a lot of the home’s shortcomings, like that rust-colored shag rug and the cracks in the bathroom tile. All of it is just great, but wouldn’t it be nice to have all the pleasures of the wonderful neighborhood and big backyard in a house that actually had some great amenities, and maybe even a hint of luxury?

The good news is that all of those goals can be met, without having to endure the upheaval of moving and uprooting the family from their local school and friends in the neighborhood. A well planned home remodel can refresh a home and give it a feeling of great luxury, putting in all the details that you’ve longed for while still keeping the home as a whole intact.

How does one go about actually making a remodel happen? The key is in finding an experienced contractor who knows everything from how to redo a bathroom to
building stairs for a deck. All of these skills take experience and expertise, which is why it’s wise to start looking for a contractor once the overall plan of the remodel has been thought through.

Finding A Great Contractor Online

Though in the past finding a contractor was challenging for those not involved in the construction and building industry, today it’s much easier due to the many online resources available. There are many quality websites online that offer listings of local contractors, and these listings show samples of the contractor’s past work as well as reviews from past clients.

The homeowner can review these listings and then contact someone who seems to be right for the project in question. A free phone consultation can be arranged, and this gives the homeowner an opportunity to ask questions in detail regarding how the contractor would approach the project. If the person seems right for the project, an agreement can be reached and the real planning of the remodel can begin.

No, remodeling a home isn’t a small task, but done well, it can be an incredibly rewarding way to improve a home.

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