Every Rest Day!

I am always looking forward for my rest day because I get to bond with my kids. I even hoped that my rest day would always be the same day wherein they will do their Kumon so then after their session we will be able to go to the mall or go to the night market and eat barbecue. You see, my kids and I are just so shallow, you will treat us in a barbecue stand and we are already happy.

One time, when they were already finished with their Kumon, we only supposed to go to Roxas street to wait for a Jeepney. Roxas is known where you can find cheap meals, cheap clothes, cheap massage. You  have so many things to choose from. When we passed by at the night market, my kids felt hungry all so sudden, and since their meal is so affordable even though don’t have much money that time, we were able to buy meal for us three.

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