Productive Day

This day is just so productive for me, when I woke up this morning I went out to clean our yard. I found out there were trash that was left from the garbage that some of our neighbors put there. I got so pissed off because I found a broken glass, bottled water, and some wrappers. I got so pissed off because they seemed unaware of the village policy. Or maybe they just don’t want to be aware. This has to stop!

So I put a notice saying “Don’t put your garbage here.” I hope everyone would read it otherwise I may have to involve our Barangay to put a stop of what they are doing. I don’t know exactly whose neighbor that keeps on putting garbage there in front so I hope my signage can do something about it.

After I was done outside, the next thing I did was to clean the CR, I spent half an hour to brush the tiles and clean it. I thought to also cover Faith’s books but I got tired after I went home from church. I even thinking to blog here right now but my eyes are dropping; maybe later I’ll do it.

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